Altar ‘The Benediction of Saint Stephan the Drunk’ (2013)


Since I started my New Saints project, I always wanted to make an altar.

Here ye have it.

Materials: Wood, Papier-mâché, paint, cardboard, metal parts, cloth, prints
Prints: Photolux Professional Matte 230
Print-size: various sizes
Total-size: appr. 250 cm * 250 cm

Utu – Framed 2013-1 [SOLD]

Utu – A flower and leafes ornament


Also called the porn-ornament by some. I want to make more of these. Anyone want a wall paper with stuff like this? I could make print this one very detailed with a with of at least 2.5 meters, probably more (didn't check). Or I could simply add more and more and more. And more. I would like that.