Neubauten 2015-1 – in Flying Ray Frame dark


I should make more of these wild flowers, personally I do like them. And I also have a bunch of photo's I made of places where buildings are erected or demolished for that matter. More work to be done.

Materials: papier-mâché clay, paint, cardboard, print
Print: Lambda print
Dimensions: 60 cm * 75 cm

Monument for Berlin – AD 2050 (2014)


I wanted to show this during the 'Roads to Europe' exhibition because I thought it would fit in there. Later we decided to use another image. Instead I decided to see this as the first in a new series using the same theme: dreams withering in a changing city, colorful flowers destroyed or floating in the wind, looking for more fertile grounds.

Size: 67cmx90cm @300dpi
Pixelsize: 8000px*10807px
Origin: Composition made with photos, 0bject-scans, illustrations.

Download available under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Non-Derivatives-license trough my flickr page so you can print it yourself. Let me know what you think of it, and what you are planning to do with the print. Other licenses are available depending on the cause, and I'm also happy to create a frame for you.