Heaven and hell 3B / Anthropocene

Die Schöne Müllerin


A poster I made for a concert of Franz Schubert's 'Die schöne Mülerin' performed by Wolfgang Mirlach and Akane Kubo. The idea was that the poster could be used with both sides up (water or air on top).

Download available under a Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, Non-Derivatives-license trough my flickr page so you can print it yourself. Let me know what you think of it, and what you are planning to do with the print. Other licenses are available depending on the cause, and I'm also happy to create a frame for you.

Prunx – CD Cover Artwork



A cd cover I made for a band called 'Prunx'. One of the reasons we know each other is because of our passion for science fiction. I made illustrations for 6 of the 7 songs on the CD. They chose two. We met each other because we all loved Scifi movies. So I immediately knew what to make for them.



Made it for a band, as a CD cover, but liked this idea about a city under the earth so much, I have given much thought to creating a whole series, a complete project maybe. Never gotten to it. Yet. Who knows. It still reminds me of old SF books, the lost word, people living underground - with dinosaurs of course.

This one is in color, but in the end we used a black and white version. It was more punk that way.