Sexy Tulip Framed



Another fine piece in the FifthworldGoneWild series. May the aliens rejoice in the amount of extraterrestrial porn on this planet and may the humans on this planet learn to enjoy that which is different. It is an acquired taste, that is true, but it is a very special kink that will give you much pleasure in return.

The fluffy ornament design, or: the female tentacle monster

female tentacle monster 2

female tentacle monster 1

It started with a weird fruit and it ended with the female tentacle monster. There have been weirder creation stories, like god being born from ice cream gone bad by Jeanet Winterson. Thank that being for creating crazier people than me.

I am working on an ornament for the left one. The right version can be downloaded full print size from my flickr account under a creative commons license. 

Neubauten 2015-1 – in Flying Ray Frame dark


I should make more of these wild flowers, personally I do like them. And I also have a bunch of photo's I made of places where buildings are erected or demolished for that matter. More work to be done.

Materials: papier-mâché clay, paint, cardboard, print
Print: Lambda print
Dimensions: 60 cm * 75 cm