Exhibition Hotel Bogota 2013

‘NebenanSicht …Das Leben an sich’ – Exhibition MFG – Bahnhof Lichtenberg 2013


New Expo, the other one is about a year ago. This time with the group gathered around the Movement for Galleries project here in Berlin (MFG).

It is going to be in Bahnhof Lichtenberg - the official opening is going to be on the 14th of september at 19.00 hours, there will be a sneak preview at the 7th of september at 19.00 hours and there will be another event at the 21st of september at 18.00 hours (The Artweek Special). It will be open every weekend More info at the Berlin-MFG website.

I also send an artwork to Hotel Bogota to give my support. It will be part of the auction at the 22nd of september.

The works I show both at the Bahnhhof Lichtenberg and at the Hotel Bogota all have frames that are especially made for the artworks. Apart from posters and postcards, I only want to present works with their own frame, a frame that is part of the artwork.

Altar ‘The Benediction of Saint Stephan the Drunk’ (2013)


Since I started my New Saints project, I always wanted to make an altar.

Here ye have it.

Materials: Wood, Papier-mâché, paint, cardboard, metal parts, cloth, prints
Prints: Photolux Professional Matte 230
Print-size: various sizes
Total-size: appr. 250 cm * 250 cm

Expo 2012


Expo – Opening 15th of October 2012 -19:00 hours

I have an exhibition starting on monday the 15th of October until monday 21st of October in a bar called 'The Great Heisenberg' in Neuölln, Berlin - opening starts at 19:00. I will show mostly new works and one of them will be donated to the Kreutzigerstrasse during an event at a later time. Music by the PrunX acoustic + suprise guests session :-)

I'm not a photographer per-se, but I do take photos all the time and use the resulting material and a bunch of digital tools to create art that is inspired by classical topics and themes. One of the works I will show is the last in a series of modern icons I have been working on for almost 10 years. It is the picture of an ex-junky who has since died after a robbery. I can still find him in my list of facebook friends. Every year on the day he died people will tell him they miss him. If we also post our prayers on his wall, will he talk to god so he favors our wishes? In our modern society we no longer honor our outcasts as the saints they used to be in earlier times, as described in anthropological works like 'The Golden Bough' by sir J.G. Frazer. What used to live in churches /temples is now experienced while dancing to a thumping beat. Too bad being an outcast is just a live-style that is at its best an inspiration for our latest fashion choices. The other works I will show are also inspired by something classical: I'm trying to rediscover ornamental themes as used in wallpaper, murals and in books until not that long ago.

Opening hours are from 20.00 hours until way after midnight. The expo is part of a series of exhibitions from [MfG Berlin - Movement for Galleries]

Exhibitions 2005 and earlier

Before 2005 I had a couple of exhibitions but I stopped doing them because I decided to only show my work online and at the same time I tried to sell it through various portals since it would be way cheaper to offer prints there. What follows is a list of those early exhibitions.

Note: this does not include visual arts stuff I did in the 80's or the projects and events organized during the 90's having to do with (interactive) literature.

  • 2003 February 1 - March 1 - bigbother.walkerart.org - big [b]Other is a text-based reality show and community / blog in Spanish and English organized by media activist Fran Ilich with 13 other participants. It will run from February 1 to March 1, 2003.
  • 2004 July 27-30 - Interfaces: print-emotions - Nexus: Cultural exchange projects, Bangkok - Thailand. The official site is since then taken offline (culturebase.org)
  • 2004 November 28 - 2005 January 2 - Group expo Windkracht 13 - Windkracht 13 - Den Helder - official site
  • 2004 December 1 - 2005 February 1 - Group Expo Galerie Sint Jan/ Stichting Baksteen, Groningen - the Netherlands. Official site since then gone offline (st-baksteen.nl)