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Digital Art


Hi, my name is Jeroen Goulooze and I am a digital artist (Hi, Jeroen). Since over ten years I mostly presented myself as a photographer, but I'm not a photographer per se. I do take photos all the time and I have collected a large library of them together with the images I made of objects using my scanner as a camera. I use these images to create my art. Partly it is inspired by classical topics and themes, but science fiction is also a strong theme in my work, together with decay and the atmosphere of old buildings. I've been a squatter, I've lived in abandoned factories, of course I like old buildings.

At first I thought that digital art only needs a representation inside a digital universe - the internet for instance, and I even worked on a game - but I decided to abandon that stance since it also meant I did not want to have exhibitions (and where is the fun in that?). You can still find my work online of course (you are on my website), and now that I decided to have exhibitions again, I added something extra.

My Art

Signed and Framed


I sensed something was missing with a digital only representation of my work, and that was texture. Textures are very important in my art, but on a computer screen or a digital print you can not feel them, so they are not really there. Therefor I decided to create my own frames for my artworks, and those frames are an integral part of the artworks I present to the world.

With my hand made frames I try to give my printed artworks something unique, I try to turn each of them in an individual expression of the artwork. Those frames add something that can never come to the surface in a digital print: you can feel it. I use old wood, make my own ornaments for my frames using papier-mâché, paint, the occasional found objects like old rusted metal parts for instance.

Signed and Framed

Ornamental Designs


The romanticism of old buildings plays an important part in my work. I've tried to give that a new form with my ornamental designs and wallpaper ideas coming from my artworks. However, I do realize not everybody is living in an old building, nor does everybody want to live in one. Maybe my ornamental designs can bring you the atmosphere of one instead?

I've been experimenting for some time now -with my frames for instance- but it is still in development. They will be in part hand made, and I will add digital ornamental designs, making them a mixture of digital and analog art. More will follow.

Ornamental Designs



My illustrations are artworks I designed for other people. They are intended for posters, CD-covers or otherwise. I like to work with other people, it forces me to try and use techniques and subject matter I would not normally use. It teaches me stuff.


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Because all art can be copied and copied over and over again, I decided to no longer bother with selling digital prints, since I do not think that is a good way to spread my work. What I offer instead, is two things: If you want I can create a unique version of the print in a hand made frame. Contact me and we can discuss the details. The second option is that you can ask me for a digital file you can print for yourself. Simply use the contact link above or the form at the bottom of each page and ask nicely :-) I also like to hear what you think about my work and why you choose the work you would like to print.

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Alien Saints?


Whenever I meet people begging for scraps, I tend to see them as the mendicant monks of our time - we should start asking them to pray for us after we have given them some change for beer or dope or a place to sleep. These men and women know what it is to endure hardship, to suffer. Not all, but some of them do it because they see no other way. A so called 'normal live' does not fit into their believe system. And to them their believe system is the most important thing they have. I think it is about time we start to acknowledge that they are trying to become holy men and women. I think it would be fitting.

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