About my work as an artist

My work is influenced by both science fiction and antiquity, together with the atmosphere of old buildings. I use my own photos to create digital art and it is my goal to create artworks that look like they were found in abandoned houses in some distant future. Did it belong to a religious old lady who retired to a warmer planet? Or did it come from that funny uncle who always made dirty jokes and had these corny images with aliens in sexy poses? - More about my work

Self-made frames - Textures are very important in my work, but on a computer screen or a digital print you can not feel them, so they are not really there. Therefore I was not satisfied with a digital only presentation of my work and I started presenting them in self created frames made with old wood and hand made ornaments using papier-mâché clay. With my frames I try to turn each of them in an individual expression of the artwork. If it is just a print you want, you can downloaded a copy and print them yourself - See some frames

Expo ‘Filmriss / Blackout during European Month of Photography 2016 in Boulevard Berlin

I had an exhibition with 13 other lovely people in Boulevard Berlin from october 2016 until december the 31st 2016. The exhibition is part of the European Month of Photography and takes place with support from the 'Kulturamt Steglitz'

On the 16th of November starting at 18.00 I will be there to tell something about my work - together with three other participants. There are some photos at my facebookpage and at that of the event (below)

The exhibition takes place in Boulevard Berlin, Schloßstraße 10, 12163 Berlin on the first floor (entrance nearest to the U-Bahn station Scholßstraße) in the exhibition space of Culturamt Steglitz. Open Mondays till Saturdays 10-20 hours, and at the sundays all shops are allowed to be open.


Sexy Tulip Framed



Another fine piece in the FifthworldGoneWild series. May the aliens rejoice in the amount of extraterrestrial porn on this planet and may the humans on this planet learn to enjoy that which is different. It is an acquired taste, that is true, but it is a very special kink that will give you much pleasure in return.