Alien Saints, now with ingredient X!

My name is Jeroen Goulooze - also known as YuriGoul - I am Dutch, I live in Berlin and I am an artist ('Hello Jeroen'). I am using this website as a place to show my art + commercial artworks/designs I make. If you like my style, I'd love to work for you.

Contact me for praise, stories or job offers Alien Saints, bigger better & greener!

New Expo 2013

New Expo, the other one is about a year ago. This time with the group gathered around the Movement for Galleries project here in Berlin (MFG).

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I have an exhibition starting on monday the 15th of October until monday 21st of October in a bar called 'The Great Heisenberg' in Neuölln, Berlin - opening starts at 19:00. I will show mostly new works and one of them will be donated to the Kreutzigerstrasse during an event at a later time. Music by the PrunX acoustic + suprise guests session :-)

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New Saints

It started somewhere in 2003, 2004: I created my first Alien Saint. But in hindsight, I could even say it started long before that, at the moment I thought of a book title: 'Modern Saints for a modern time'. This was in the time I lived in squatted factories and had a whole lof of space and a whole lof of fun. I was wondering how the actual lives of the saints of the early days of christianity had been. When you have a religious construct called sainthood and it applies to people, what kind of people do you need for that?

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